The Dandle Roo2

Dandle ROO™ Positioning Systems

The Dandle ROO™ was developed by NICU professionals to support the neurodevelopment of the preterm and ill infant. This three-dimensional positioning system is the first that supports prone, supine and side-lying positions.

Like the original Dandle ROO, the ROO2 (pictured, left) is a circumferential system that supports prone, supine and side-lying positions all in one device. The ROO2 is made with a high quality sports performance fabric in a cute lion print.

The Dandle ROO™ Lite was developed to support the neurodevelopment of the preterm and ill infant when a disposable product better meets the needs of the baby or the NICU staff. The ROO Lite may be hand laundered or machine washed in a gentle cycle. The Dandle ROO™ Lite supports prone, supine and side-lying positions all in one device. All components touching the baby are made from a soft, stretchy cotton, not paper or polyester.

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Dandle Wrap Positioning System

Dandle WRAP™ Positioning Systems

The Dandle WRAP™ is a one piece system made from soft, stretchable cotton with a  backside that accepts micro-fasteners. The Dandle WRAP offers the same wings and pouch of the Dandle ROO to help individualize care and encourage movement and flexion. It can be tightened for more secure support to encourage sleep and flexion and loosened during active periods.

The Dandle Wrap Stretch (pictured, left) offers many swaddling benefits over traditional blankets:

  • High performance fabric with 3 way stretch that allows freedom of movement  with return to midline flexion
  • A pouch to hold the baby securely and to help maintain lower extremity flexion
  • Wide wings that support the shoulders in flexion and encourage hand to mouth self-comforting behaviors
  • Velcro® fasteners on pouch and wings that can be adjusted independently of each other to meet baby’s individual needs
  • Fabric that breathes, yet is absorbent, making it ideal for agitated babies
  • Plenty of room between the pouch and the wings for lines or tubing

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DandleLION Gel-filled Pillows

Gel-filled Pillows

DandleLION soft gel-filled pillows are designed to provide a comfortable cushion to meet the support needs of micro-preemie, preemie, and full-term infants. Gel pillows can help reduce the need for frequent re-positioning or to make immobilized babies more comfortable. Gel pillows can be used as a mattress for very low birthweight babies or as a prone roll for bigger babies. Each gel pillow comes with a fully washable cover.

Our pillows are made from soft, DEHP free polyethylene film that does not react with the gel fill. Our pillow covers are 100% cotton and can be washed and reused. The gel is a non-toxic, water based food gel that is resistant to bacterial and fungal growth.

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DandleLION Kisses


24% ORGANIC SUCROSE SOLUTION • Oral sucrose administration has been extensively studied in both preterm and term neonates and has been found to significantly reduce pain responses during routine painful procedures such as heel lancing and venipuncture. The AAP in their 2006 policy on The Prevention and Management of Pain in the Neonate states that the use of oral sucrose and other non-pharmacologic pain-reduction strategies should be used during minor routine procedures. Repeated painful procedures may cause neuro-developmental impairment, especially in preterm babies (AAP). A review done by Harrison et al also indicates that sucrose is effective during immunizations in babies up to 12 months of age.

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The Empower Program

The Empower Program™

The Empower Program™ is an early intervention, family-centered, multi-sensory, developmental care program for parents of babies born at less than 30 weeks gestation. Designed by both parents and health care professionals at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, The Empower Program™ provides families with the knowledge and skills needed to parent their premature baby in the Newborn ICU.

Over the course of six weeks, and 3 separate parts, parents are given multiple opportunities to learn about their baby’s behaviors and appropriate parenting strategies though written word, pictures, video and hands-on training.

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DandleLION Thermal Hats

Thermal Hats

Hypothermia is a serious problem for low birthweight infants, newborns, and infants undergoing surgical procedures in an uncontrolled thermal environment. The surface area of the head is about 20% of the total body surface of a newborn infant and is a major source of heat loss. New standards for very premature infants recommend aggressive measures for thermal regulation and humidity immediately following birth.

The Dandle•LION Thermal Hat with plastic vapor barrier keeps heat from escaping with a quiet Polyethylene Liner (DEHP and latex free) is encased between two layers of soft yarn so it never touches the baby. The plastic is stitched securely at the top with overlapping side panels that adjust to the size of the baby’s head without compromising the thermal barrier.

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