The Bimeco Group: A Legacy of Excellence

Always in pursuit of bringing innovative technologies to the medical marketplace The Bimeco Group carries on a tradition started by its predecessor company, BIMECO, Inc. When a change in ownership dissolved that company, the employees organized The Bimeco Group, committed to the representation of clinically significant medical products and backing that representation with unrivaled service and clinical education. Since then, The Bimeco Group has grown to cover eight southeastern states, represented by a sales team of trained consultants whose average tenure in healthcare is over 20 years.


We strive to find innovation that makes a positive impact on healthcare today. Products that improve patient outcomes and provide true value to the hospital customers we serve. Implementing new methodologies presents challenges. Clinical education is key. Drawing on the years of service of our account managers, clinical nurse consultants we employ, and the clinical resources of our manufacturing partners, we are able to assist our client hospitals to be better able to adapt to the new technologies we help to implement, thereby better able to realize the benefits of change more quickly.

The Healthcare Industry, today, more than ever before, is changing rapidly. Hospitals are searching for products and services that help them reduce costs but at the same time maintaining a positive patient experience and improving the overall outcome of the patients they treat. They need to work with companies that understand the challenges they face and are able to bring to them worthwhile solutions. Bimeco Group has proven to be and will continue to strive to be just such a company.

Mark_JungersMark Jungers
Executive Vice President
Mark has been associated with The Bimeco Group, Inc., since its inception in 2007 and prior to that spent 28 years with its predecessor, Bimeco, Inc. While his current title is Executive Vice President, over the years he has served as a Territory Account Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Divisional Sales Manager and Vice President of Sales. Mark stated, “Throughout my many years with Bimeco, we’ve been associated with breakthrough technologies that have improved healthcare in areas of blood pressure management, IV therapy, infection control, enteral feeding, pain management, as well as the developmental care of the pre-term infant; just to name a few. I am proud to say that the Bimeco Group will always seek out innovative, clinically supported products to provide solutions to advance healthcare.”

Sandra Jungers, RN, BS, MEd

Sandra Jungers

Sandra Jungers has been involved in the field of nursing and nursing education since 1973. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the Medical College of Georgia (Georgia Regents University) and a Master of Education degree from Georgia State University. Over the course of her career Sandra has worked as a staff nurse, charge nurse, “house supervisor,”  and has also served as the clinical coordinator for Women’s and Infants. Sandra has held faculty positions in Associate Degree Nursing Programs at Macon State College and Clayton State University. It has always been Sandra’s passion to improve clinical situations in order to provide optimal outcomes for patients.

She has worked throughout the southeastern United States and internally as a Clinical Consultant and educator. During this period Sandra also participated in the Wee Care Neuroprotective NICU program — a comprehensive developmental care training program designed to optimize the NICU environment and caregiving practices.

Sandra has held the position of CEO of The Bimeco Group, Inc. since its inception in 2007. Along with strong managerial skills Sandra brings her clinical experience and industry expertise to her negotiatons with manufacturers. Bimeco Group, which covers much of the southeast, is a specialty sales organization which handles the distribution of products. Bimeco Group also serves as manufacturers’ representatives with companies that have no direct sales.

Certification for Bimeco Group as a Woman Owned Business through the National Women’s Business Enterprise Council was spearheaded by Sandra. She oversees the day-to-day management of Bimeco Group and she serves as a clinical consultant and educator. She has assembled a portfolio of products that make a positive difference in clinical outcomes. New products enter the medical market every day — not all of them make the grade. Through careful research and due diligence, Sandra selects those products that truly make a positive impact on patients’ health.