MicroCool Nutritional Refrigerators & Freezers

Compact Design with Potent Performance

Your hospital or laboratory is a busy place. As such, it is often required that your facilities make the most out of storage. The MicroCool® Medical Refrigerator & Freezer is designed with accessibility and compactness in mind. Its smart and robust design allows it to be installed in a variety of spaces, which allows for seamless integration throughout your healthcare facility. It can be placed under counters, built into casework and headwall systems, and also mounted on the countertop. Of course, we can also create a custom mounting option that matches your needs.

Whisper® Quiet Operation for Safer Facilities = Better Patient Outcomes

A quiet, serene atmosphere promotes better recovery for patients of all ages. However, while it is recommended that care facilities keep an operating sound level at 45 decibels or below, many standard-grade, medical refrigerators emit more than 50 decibels of noise. The MicroCool®’s proprietary, Whisper® Quiet Technology™ allows the compressor to operate at less than 30 decibels. As a result, your patient rooms will remain peaceful.

Efficient Performance

The MicroCool® refrigerator & freezer emphasizes efficient performance. As such, you can expect it to maintain optimal temperatures even when it is not at capacity. The drawer design allows cool air to remain inside the unit, even when the door is open.