Headwall and Rail Systems

The MATRIXX™ and MATRIXX-M™ wall mounted equipment management system are recommended for any level patient care environment. They represent a cost-effective solution to manage equipment in treatment areas with limited floor space. These units are designed to enhance the critical care environment through ergonomic placement of essential services, integral lighting, and a simple functional yet soft appearance scheme.

Sturdy posts allow articulated arms to hold monitors and other equipment in optimal locations determined by staff. The integrated rails and wall mount rails will accommodate any device needed to support the patient environment, while giving the care staff freedom to set up the system workspace in any way, based on personal preference, unit protocol, or institutional norms.

These units improve the aesthetics of a treatment area because they do not extend down to the floor or up to the ceiling, giving a patient room a more spacious ambiance. The soft, non-intrusive look of the units also relaxes the patient care environment.

Nexxspan offers two types of rails. Light duty rail for use on equipment where a support structure is available, and heavy duty rail for all other installations such as on walls. All rails feature a light grey laminate insert. Custom color inserts are available to match a facility’s decor. Rails can be ordered in any increment from 1 ft to 10 ft. Several types of adaptors are available to make existing equipment compatible with the Nexxspan rail system. Note: most existing Fairfield components may be transferable to new rail installations.