Dräger Babytherm® 8004/8010

Babytherm delivers an optimal thermo-neutral environment for the neonate, safe from cold or heat stress. Ceramic heater elements and golden reflectors provide even heat distribution over the entire bed area – so the baby will feel comfortably warm wherever placed on the bed. A fully integrated, heated conductive gel mattress keeps the baby warm at all times. You can measure the baby’s central and peripheral (toe) temperature gives you an early warning of thermal instability or possible cold stress, and observe the measured values on the integrated digital display.

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Dräger Caleo®

Dräger’s Caleo® provides an ideal microenvironment for neonates by delivering the appropriate temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels. It is designed to create a microclimate that minimizes the effect of disturbances and time out of its Thermo-Neutral Zone. The double air curtain acts as a security blanket for the neonate, providing a balanced climate even when access doors are open. Through Dräger’s innovative ThermoMonitoring, you have the ability to continuously measure both central and peripheral body temperature – giving you the truest, most accurate early indicator of cold or heat stress, or temperature instability.

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Isolette 8000

Dräger Isolette® 8000

Dräger sets the standard for thermoregulation with a host of performance features designed to provide a stable, cocoon-like environment for the baby. To ensure that the Thermo-Neutral Zone is maintained, the Isolette 8000 enables you to continuously monitor both the core and peripheral body temperature.

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