Plak-Vac® Petite

Plak-Vac tailor-made daily kits organize all components at the point-of-care to enhance protocol compliance and support infection control policies. Choose from our size-appropriate Petite swabs and a variety of options for cleaning, moisturizing, and suctioning the oral cavity.

The innovative product developers at Trademark Medical understand the importance of oral therapy and the use of mother’s milk in the care of neonates. The use of the Plak-Vac in oral therapy offers great benefits to the child:

  • Exposure to Immune System Agents: The oral cavity is seeded with sIgA, interleukins lactoferrin, lysozyme and oligosaccharides.
  • Developmental Support: The taste & smell of mother’s milk is introduced to encourage maternal bonding, development of non-nutritive sucking, and calming/soothing.
  • Infection Prevention: Regular cleaning and moisturizing helps reduce the possibility of healthcare-acquired infection and maintains good oral tissue health.

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