PAL® is a medical device that encourages and reinforces the development of non-nutritive sucking in premature infants by giving positive feedback in the form of music or the mother’s voice as an auditory input in direct response to efficient sucking.

When the infant achieves the sucking strength and duration level set by the nurse or therapist, the infant will hear music/mother’s voice BUT only for a length of time set by nurse/therapist. If the infant wants to hear the music/mother’s voice again, the infant must again suck at the strength and duration set.

The musical lullabies/mother’s voice are gentle and pleasant to the baby, encouraging the baby to want to continue the correct sucking motion so that he/she can hear the musical lullabies/mother’s voice again. The positive reinforcement of the music/mother’s voice encourages and reinforces the development of the infant’s sucking ability..

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