Penguin® Nutritional Warming Systems

The Penguin® Milk Warmer is designed to warm breast milk to maternal body temperature. Rooted in evidence-based science, the Penguin employs three decades of proven laboratory methodology to safely warm breast milk and formula feedings to the thermo-neutral zone (90°F to 100°F) to protect 100% of the milks delicate properties and guaranteeing the infant receives 100% of the nutritional value of each feeding.

The ISO Therma-Liner completely separates the feeding and the NICU from exposure to waterborne microorganisms.

Aggressive, gradient heating such as blow-drying or steam heating and exposure to near-boiling liquids such as microwaving, creates risk for overheating and hot spots, which destroys the chemical properties of the milk. Molecular activity for even temperature transfer to the milk or formula can and should be accomplished by gradual warming and mixing. The Penguin® Nutritional Warmer utilizes the properties of water to promote gentle and safe nutritional warming. Because liquid to liquid warming is so efficient, the Penguin® is able to perform optimally with low heat; protecting the feedings from hot spots and plastic extractables while preserving the valuable nutritional properties of the breast milk/formula.

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