Silicone Catheter

First PICC™ Silicone Catheter

Argon First PICC™ and Argon First Midcath™ Catheters are high-quality silicone catheters designed for safe and easy placement while providing comfort to the patient. The breadth of the line of catheters covers universal aplications with access options for neonate to geriatric patient populations. These products are designed to enhance patient comfort and to provide increased mobility. Also the preattached T-port extension allows flushing of the catheter before, during and after insertion.

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Polyurethane Catheters

L-Cath™ Polyurethane Catheters

Argon L-Cath™ PICC and Midline Catheters are designed for safe and easy placement. Biocompatible material softens in vivo but provides strength for insertion and allows for increased flow rates. The preattached Y-site connector allows flushing of catheter before, during, and after the insertion. The breadth of the line of catheters covers universal aplications with access options for neonate to geriatric patient populations. TCatheter trimming tool is designed to ensure clean and accurate trimming and provides a 90° cut consistent with INS Standards and FDA recommendation. The catheters come with protective sleeves which are designed to minimize accidental contamination of the catheter and they are latex and DEHP free.

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Neonatal/Pediatric PICC and Midline Catheters including BD™ Introducers

Argon Neonatal/Pediatric PICC and Midline catheters are designed specifically for this patient population. Catheters come in a choice of silicone material or polyurethane material. The option for safety and non-safety introducers is designed to enhance first-stick proficiency. The BDIntroducer Instaflash™ Needle Technology (pictured left) provides rapid visualization of blood return along the catheter shaft and is designed to enhance first-stick success in highly vulnerable patients.

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Safety Kit

Safety MST Accessory Kits

Argon safety MST accessory kits for PICC and midline placement using the Modified Seldinger Technique. These its incorporate the highest-quality safety components. Each Kit Includes:

  • Insyte™ Autoguard™ shielded IV catheter
  • Echogenic-tipped, protected needle
    Safety needle-introduction when an ultrasound placement is preferred
  • Bard-Parker™ safety-engineered protected disposable scalpel 
    For a modified Seldinger technique
  • Marked 50 cm guidewire
    Clearly identified 5 cm increments for easy determination of guidewire insertion length
  • Lubricated, tapered-tip splittable sheath and dilator
    Designed to decrease insertion force and to allow for easier insertion with less trauma to the patient
  • Inner sterile package
    Prevents kit components from accidental contamination

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