Neonatal/Pediatric Pressure Monitoring and Blood Draw

The BIOTRANS™ transducer, manufactured by Biosensors is a blood pressure transducer that combines the performance, quality and ease of use of a fully disposable blood pressure transducer with the cost savings of a re-usable system.

Features and Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly — minimizes biological waste
  • Flexible and easy patient transfer from one environment to another
  • Easy maintenance and setup due to straight-through fluid path
  • “Touch Check” for full system function check
  • Standard and custom kits are available to meet your specific monitoring needs

Customized Kits

It is possible to configure custom kits to meet your procedural needs. You may ask for any existing component to be configured with other commercially available components.

The customized kits help you to increase efficiency in the set-up process and ensure accuracy in components selection. It eliminates waste and helps you to save time and cost.

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