NeoChild Feeding Tube

Enteral Feeding Systems

NeoChild has developed exemplary products to aid in protecting precious neonates. As a specification developer, NeoChild has multiple patents filed exclusively to products within the neonatal market.

NeoChild’s premier offering is the ‘Safe Child System®’ (pictured left). This is the first fully integrated enteral feeding system which eliminates misconnections with feeding tubes, extension sets, and syringes. This is the only patented enteral safety system of its kind.

Additionally, NeoChild provides:

NeoChild Lumbar Puncture Kits
Complete kit with 1 or 1.5 inch needle.

NeoChild Urinary Drainage Closed Collection Kits
Complete kit with or without silicone catheter. Five configurations 3.5 FR, 5 FR, 6.5 FR, and 8 FR and no catheter.

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