Ergonomic Sitting and Standing Solutions

Milagon’s products meet the highest quality standards in the healthcare industry. High-tech ergonomics and quality materials are combined to deliver top-notch products which improve job performance, provide comfort, and extend work longevity. Milagon’s chairs and floor matting are built to last and feature heavy-duty cast aluminum bases, self-breaking castors, 300lb premium cylinders and solid cast aluminum and plated steel under-seat mechanisms. Seats and backrests are made of self-skinning polyurethane that maintains 100% memory. Milagon offers an extensive line of medical furniture products that can be tailored to specific healthcare tasks, functions and departments. Their manufacturing processes adhere to strict industry standards including:

  • ISO 9001
  • Certifications: CAL 133 and CAL 117
  • LEAN manufacturing
  • Six Sigma
  • DIN 68 877 work chair standards

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